Our country is definitely in a season of change. Just to put it right out there, no I do not agree with many decisions made by the electorate last night. My mood has been down all day because of the election.

So I had to ask myself – why?

Because I’m a father of two daughters.

Because the economy is already tanking.

Because I don’t know how it will affect my career as an educator.

As a Christian, should those be fears? Not if we put our faith in Him.

We should pray for our new president just as we would have for our former: for guidance and wisdom.

Being sour because of the economy shows my faith is in my money and my career, not who gave me those things and who is in charge.

If Hillary Clinton says we should give Trump an open mind and a chance to lead, don’t you think God would want the same AND remind us who is really in charge?

You can’t always have faith in our country, but you can always have faith in our creator.