My Summer blessings!

My Summer blessings!

The first day of school is melancholy, to say the least.

Teachers love summers, to say the least. They have time and energy to lead totally different lives! I was blessed this summer to be able to be at home with my wife, Mikki (who is also a teachers, 3-year-old, Julia, and baby, Lydia. I also got to write the beginnings of the Christ-Like Classrooms book. I resisted going in to set up my new classroom. I delayed planning. I declined optional professional development.

For the entire school year teachers are overworked and underpaid. I enjoy being able to say that in the summer I am underworked and overpaid!

But, alas, if I want that paycheck to continue, it’s time to get back to work.

When I went back to work Monday I was prepared for that overwhelmed feeling. That disgusting feeling of having so many things to do that your heart races until the final touches have been put on your classroom – and then you realize you have no idea what you’re teaching the first week.

However, my prayers for His peace that passes all understanding were answered. Sure, my heart beat faster and my to-do list swelled at times, but God gave me the focus to figure out what’s important and the push to get it done. Now I feel more prepared than I ever have heading into a school year. In fact, I’m getting nervous that I’m not nervous as I write this the night before school starts. I shouldn’t have the time or energy to write a blog post now! But He provides.

I’ve gotten to enjoy setting up my classroom and am remembering why I love teaching. Summer blessed me with so much, but the Fall has a lot to offer, too: new beginnings, relationships, challenges, school supplies! Certainly not least is the crisp morning air that reminds me football season will begin soon!

I hope that you, too, can find the peace to enjoy this time of year.