I started writing this book and blog so I could write some good stuff and live it. If I said I did it, then I’d have to, right?

Just like so many things teachers plan in the summer, when school started I realized it was hard!

Whenever I wrote I felt like a hypocrite. The more I updated, the stronger this feeling became. Days, weeks and months went by and I stopped writing completely. What was I doing that was worth writing about?

The WordPress app on my phone kept nagging me like a mess I was ignoring. Writing is like exercising, when you fall out of the routine it is hard to get back into. But then it feels so good when you do, you wonder what took so long.

So I started writing about recent struggles I’ve had and I realized. What could be more real? What could be a better way to reach Christian teachers that feel isolated in their faith at school? I can’t give you a 3-step method to a Christ-like Classroom. But I can share what I’ve learned by going through some of the same struggles all of you do, too. So I invite you to subscribe to this site, share your own struggles, and work toward a common goal of a Christ-like Classroom.