I want to dig through the heat and craziness of the first week and uncover the blessings from the first week of school.

  1. Rebuilding burnt bridges: A lot of unknowns weren’t present as I was preparing for this year because I knew most of the students from teaching them in 4th grade. There were a handful of students I was nervous about, though, due to strained relationships at the end of that year. One student, who I was probably most nervous about, actually brought it up first, saying “you didn’t like me in 4th grade.” I responded by saying “I liked you, we just didn’t always agree.” He didn’t have much of a response, but seemed pleased. Since he was sitting hear a couple other students I butted heads with two years ago, I took the opportunity to address them as well. I simply told each of them that I was looking to get along better with them this year.
  2. Opportunities to exercise faith: The first week was not without its challenges. The hot afternoons brought their usual challenges. Toward the end of the week it got harder to get work out of students and easier to get attitude from them. A couple of times I got irritated and was about to start using my “angry teacher” voice, but I caught myself. A prayer went up and calmed me down. Was I perfect? No! But I’m in better shape than I’ve been in the past. In previous years I probably would have let tensions build and relationships with students sour until we’d both had enough of each other. Now I recognize which students may test me and look at it as an opportunity to exercise my faith, ask God for help, and seek His wisdom.
  3. Coming Soon…