At church we are in a series teaching about the Holy Spirit called Forgotten God, so this worship song has been running through my head a lot lately while I’m at school.

One part of the series that has convicted me is hearing the Holy Spirit, recognizing Him, yet ignoring Him. It is not up to us to decide the merits of what He says.

So often I hear Him say “give of your time” or “give of your money,” only to respond “what time,” “what money”? That’s not my concern! God has that job. We need to have faith that He will and listen.

While I’m planning instruction, I often feel convicted to do one thing but end up making excuses to do another. I know I should do what’s best for the kids but often decided it isn’t convenient for me, or they can’t handle it, or they don’t deserve it.

This voice is the Holy Spirit, too. He is moving me toward doing what is right for the students. It is up to me, now, to listen.