He wants us to come together

Being a Christian teacher in a public school can feel a lot like being stranded on a deserted island. Because we’re not allowed to share our faith with our students it makes sharing our faith with each other feel wrong, too. I’ve had one brief conversation about church with my principal and even though it was a positive conversation, I still feel like it would be frowned upon to talk about faith in the building. That feeling has nothing to do with anyone I work with, it just feels feels like any type of faith is not a topic to be discussed in a public school. I know there have been Christian co-workers at both schools I have taught at, as well as unbelievers, yet we’ve never come together as believers.

I want to close this book with a call for Christian teachers to come together. This could mean any number of things. It could mean having prayer meetings before the school day starts or engaging in dialogue online. Let’s find each other, let’s fellowship together and build each other up so we can confidently have Christ-like classrooms.

My vision is limited to what I can imagine. God is in control of this ministry. I pray that this book unites teachers at the building level and that we come together nationally. I pray that we catch fire as a community. Who knows, maybe we’ll all get together for national conventions some day (during the summer, of course)?

First, we have to start small. After reading this book, share it with a co-worker. Tell us where you are, connect with other Christian teachers and share your ideas by connecting with us at www.christlikeclassroom.com. There is no reason to feel alone when you can find others with similar values in classrooms near you.

Chances are, if you’re reading this far in the book, you’re ready to feel Jesus’ presence in your school. So share this book and pray that it will help spark a community of teachers ready to create Christ-like classrooms. If you can’t think of anybody to share this book with, place it on your desk and pray it will be a conversation starter in the future. In the meantime, visit our web site and find teachers nearby or in forums. Keep praying for a coworker to share the book with and don’t be afraid to make the first move. It’s likely that your co-workers have already noticed something different about you and your classroom and are already wondering what it is.

After you have found someone in your school, it may be hard to kickstart a faith-based community at a place where people were tentative about sharing their beliefs in the first place. A simple way to start is by talking about this book. I hope it gets ideas started in your head and that you come up with your own way to make your classroom a successful ministry. Coming together as a community is so important so that we can share these ideas, about ourselves and even prayer requests.

Start now! Start in your building. Prayer groups in the morning would be a powerful way to invite Jesus’ presence into your school every day. The first thing I plan to do this fall, before I unpack a single box, is to ask God to come in. Start online! Our Web site is ready to hear about what is taking place at schools across the country.

Through God all things are possible! I ended the school year as a frustrated teacher looking for a way out. God heard my prayers. Instead of answering with a new job, he answered with a book idea, which turned into a ministry idea, and I didn’t have to go anywhere.

Uniting with co-workers who already have the same beliefs as you is a great way to have models of Christ throughout your building and schools across the nation. Stop hiding! Christian teachers are already out there! Imagine if students had Christ-like examples in their classrooms. Just because you can’t share your faith with them does not mean you can’t be the person they look up to, who gives them something to think about. Just like a tiny seed can grow into a mighty oak, you can make an impact right where you are by planting these seeds by the example you set.

Steps Toward a Christ-Like Classroom:
1. Don’t be afraid to be faithful at school.
2. Find another Christian at work.
3. Pray that these relationships will be built.

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